Saturday, December 10, 2011

Apart of something bigger.

In this world there are millions of people with blogs. Those people either wanting to share stories, inspire others, get out frustrations, build up confidence, or  maybe because of a love for writing. Whatever the case, we all have to agree to the "terms and conditions" of the site we chose. We also make an agreement to ourselves and to anyone who will read our blogs to share our thoughts, frustrations, hopes, dreams, and anything else our minds desire. 
What is the point? So everyone can know what you're thinking? So that when you read other people thoughts you can "be apart of something"? Well I want to be apart of something too, but nothing that this blog can bring me, nothing this world can bring me; something bigger, greater, worth something.

 I know what you're thinking, "I've read blogs that inspire me to do great things, big things! Blogs that make me stop and think about my life and my purpose." but did you ever change anything major in your life? Did you ever get off your bum and actually do something for someone? For most of you, the answer is (and probably always will be) no. I have to say, I'm guilty of sitting by and watching when I could be helping others. I've said, "Man, that would be awesome if I could do that for someone", but I never did anything because I was to worried about what others would think, say, or do. This is the end of that mindset. Why? Because God didn't put us on this earth to think of things we could do. He put us here to do His will. We need to stop caring about ourselves and care about others. 

I realized this in one of my devotions this week, Luke 9:23 says, "Then He said to them all: "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me." When I read this, it finally hit me! For many years, I've been worried about what other people think, rather, than what God has called me to do. I may not be sure what His exact plan for my life is, but I know He wants me to deny myself, pick up my "cross", not worry what others think, and start worrying about what they need. To follow Christ and to exalt His name is my bigger, greater, worth something plan.

I'm sharing this with you, not because I want to bring glory to myself, or to inspire others, but as a prayer for you. I want you to know that there is only one thing in this world worth living for, and His name is Jesus Christ. So deny yourself, pick up your "cross", and follow Him.