Monday, January 30, 2012

Fall Apart.

The story behind this song is so true for all of us. 
I love this song so much. Definitely on my favorites list.  <3

Monday, January 23, 2012

We all get lost in the meaning of life.

In this world, people search and search for the best they can get out of life. Whether it's physical possessions, like having all the latest electronics, clothes, shoes, cars, or houses.. Or maybe it's personal, like  "finding yourself", following your dreams, finding "the one", leaving behind a legacy, or maybe just being a good person. Whatever the case, we all have our own ideas about life and how it should be. We create the this outlook on life, and many of us become bitter, rude, depressed, angry, selfish people when things don't go our way or tragedies happen. We begin to question God's love, loyalty, and faithfulness and start blaming Him for everything that is going wrong.

In Genesis chapter one, it says He created man in HIS own image, and later on it says, God saw all He has made and said it was very good. When God created man, He created us like him, perfect and sinless. We should be falling on our knees and giving Him the praise and glory He deserves. He's our Creator, Savior, Sustain-er, Father, Ruler, and King; and the world as a whole, is turning their backs on the very one who gave them life. We are the ones who screwed up when Adam and Eve were selfish and disobeyed God. We are the ones who let sin into our lives that separated us from our Creator forever. We are the ones to blame for sin, not God. He created us with freewill.  That freewill gave us the option to choose what is right, or what is wrong. We chose what is wrong, and we should be punished to hell for eternity for all the wrong we have done, but God is so loving and gracious, He gave us a way out.  Jesus says in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father expect through me." God sent His one and only Son to take the place for us on the cross, so that we might live again, If  you accept His free gift. Once you do accept Him into your life, it's up to you if you keep going on and living life like the rest of the world that is lost in sin, or following the one who gave gave you life, and praising Him for everything you have and everything you are.
We were made to give Him glory in the midst of chaos and confusion. He is worthy of all our praise and adoration, so let's give it to Him.

Just some thoughts...


Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year.

Goodbye 2011... Hello 2012! :)

2011-This is bitter sweet moment  for me. You've been filled with amazing experiences, the opportunity to meet people I never forget, and to grow closer, not only to my friends and family, but to God. That being said, it has also one of the toughest years I've had to face. I was sick for along time, many of my close friends moved, and relationships were tested. I also began to question who I am, and who I am in Christ.

2012- This year, I'm not going to change anything. Why? Because I can't change anything by myself; but God working through me. He is the Lord of my life, so where He leads, I'll follow. I've been praying about what my new years resolution should be, and I don't want to change who I am. I want to improve who I am in Christ. I'm going to keep my focus on God and see what He has in store for me in this new year. I want to be able to praise Him in the good times and the bad. I want to learn how not to lean on my own understanding and leave everything to God. How not to worry about the future, because the moment I worry is the moment I'm not trusting God and His plan for my life. It says in John 16:33, "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you may have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world." He has overcome the world so we don't have to worry about our past, present, or future. So we can have peace in knowing He is there for us through our good times and bad.

 I can't wait to see what God will bring this year and I pray that He will prepare my heart for anything that will be coming my way.